We at Mark Hertz Company hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer!  As this time of year is vacation heavy, we beg you to prepare in advance for your immediate needs.  Our office will be open, however our staff will be limited as some of us will be recharging our batteries.

OUR SERVICES HAVE EXPANDED!  We now offer you the ability to work on filings of all Electrical and Plumbing Applications for both new and corrective work.  We work together with Trade Professionals to handle the Electrical and Plumbing work from soup to nuts.  Please feel free to contact us for these and all of your needs.

The last few months have been very interesting for the NYC Real Estate industry.  Being that NYC rules are ever-changing, please review a few updates we feel are worth mentioning.

  1. The DOB is updating their system, moving from the BIS system to DOB NOW.  In the new system, we will no longer be able to verify whether a DOB Work without Permit Civil Penalty has been paid.  Hence, when making a penalty payment, please retain your receipt from DOB in your records. This receipt can be as valuable as $6,000 or more.
  2. NYC collection attorneys have now started collection action against property owners for ECB Penalties that have become Judgments, even if the respondent is a former owner.  Therefore, we urge you to review all open ECB Penalties issued against the property prior to purchase because of the potential liability.
  3. Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Mold Violations and Vermin Violations now require affidavits of compliance from a Licensed Specialist in order to have them Dismissed.
  4. This is to remind you that Department of HPD Multiple Dwelling Registrations (MDR) are due to be renewed by September 1, 2019. Lack of renewal can preclude you from collection of rent payments.  Please contact us so we can assist you with MDR Filings.

We thank you for your continued business and wish you a Happy Labor Day weekend!