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Judgements & Settlements Services

HPD Litigation

HPD will often start litigation against building owners who do not properly maintain their buildings, do not provide sufficient heat and hot water or who falsely certify correction on violations. HPD will go to court in order to get a judgment for penalties filed against the owner. These judgments remain valid liens for 20 years and will therefore prevent a property owner from selling or refinancing a building.Mark Hertz Company have many years experience negotiating with HPD to get the lowest payoff amount on HPD judgments so you don’t pay more then absolutely necessary. We can often accomplish this even if there is a court approved judgment against the owner.

ECB Penalty Settlements

ECB has a program called the Penalty Relief Program. It can sometimes allow those with ECB violations to have their violations reduced from a higher default amount down to the original penalty amount on the violations, plus interest. The program can save companies a lot of money since it enables them to reduce all of their violations into one lump sum, covered under one agreement. Mark Hertz Company has been able to take advantage of this program numerous times and has obtain settlements on violation penalties ranging as high as $300,000, often reducing them to a fraction of the original amount.