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Violations Services

Environmental Control Board (ECB) – The Environmental Control Board is the New York City agency, under the aegis of O.A.T.H., that conducts the hearings for numerous types of NYC violations served on properties within the five borough, as well as quality of life issues. Mark Hertz Company has three decades of experience working with ECB to obtain favorable resolutions for property related violations. Learn about our ECB Penalty Settlements Services here.

Department of Buildings (DOB) – Violations that fall under ECB’s authority – these violations have penalties and require hearings. We attend the hearings to fight Building Department issued ECB violations. We also obtain the necessary evidence to ensure the process of certifying correction, finally confirming that the violation has been fully resolved. Building violations that do not have hearings but may have civil penalties attached to them. We work with the Building Department to file the necessary paperwork and/or payments, and to schedule the necessary inspections in order to remove the violations.

Fire Department New York (FDNY) – The NYC Fire Department issues violations, violation orders and vacate orders. FDNY will also issue a criminal court summons for severely hazardous issues (typically in high occupancy or public buildings). Fire Department violations have hearings and penalties and need to be certified corrected according to department regulations. The violation orders and vacate orders do not carry penalties but must be corrected as soon as possible. The hearing’s for criminal court summonses take place in criminal court.

Department of Transportation (DOT) – Department of Transportation violations are typically issued at construction sites; however they can be issued any time construction or building activity affects pedestrian or vehicular traffic. DOT violations carry a penalty but don’t need to be certified as corrected. The hearings for DOT violations fall under ECB jurisdiction.

Department of Housing Preservation and Development – HPD only has jurisdiction over residential buildings. HPD violations do not carry penalties but must be corrected and require inspections in order to be dismissed. HPD can also open litigation against building owners whom they believe do not properly care for their buildings. Learn about our Judgements Litigations Services here.

Department of Sanitation (DOS) – The Department of Sanitation issues violations for unsanitary conditions on the exterior of a premise, such as loose trash, garbage/recycling placement. Department of Sanitation violations carry a penalty and the hearings are done by the ECB.

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) – The Department of Environmental Protection violations are issued for not having noise mitigation plans, boiler registration and water meter/supply issues. These hearings are handled by ECB.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOH) – The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issues violations for conditions which directly affect the safety and health of building tenants, such as pests, unsafe water conditions, missing window guards in buildings with young children, etc. All Department of Health violations require hearings, which take place in a separate court under Department of Health Administrative Tribunal; they do not fall under ECB jurisdiction. We handle all DOH violations except for those related to the food industry.

NYS DEC – New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, we handle litigation for PBS (Petroleum Bulk Storage).