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Violations Removal Services

When you need expert Violations Removal Services, Mark Hertz Company is the choice for you. With 30 years’ experience, we offer property violation removal services throughout the five boroughs of New York City. We work with large institutional investors, single family residents, property managers, development and construction companies. We handle violations for single residences, multi-unit properties, commercial buildings, industrial properties, and more. At Mark Hertz, we don’t offer you services you don’t need, or force you to buy software tools and management services that aren’t necessary to solving your immediate violations or judgement problem.

We do one thing, and we do it well – Solve your violation problems, whether they relate to hearings, settlements, or fines. We are experts at navigating the bureaucracy of city government and agencies. Our decades of experience dealing with the city means we can efficiently obtain the results you need – more quickly – than trying to do it yourself. We focus on your satisfaction and handle the problem so you don’t have to, letting you get back to your business.



Mark Hertz Company, successfully assisting clients with real estate consulting & violation removal services, since 1988

Recognized in NYC as one of the premier real estate and building code consulting firms, Mark Hertz Company employs a team of highly experienced and proficient hearing representatives, violation removal professionals and consultants. Utilizing extensive industry experience, and relationships at the various NYC agencies, MHC expedites all violation removal services, judgment settlements and filings. These services have proven to cost-efficiently reduce the hassle to clients, allowing them to focus more exclusively on their core competencies. We take pride in our commitment to client’s needs and our promise to deliver an outstanding valuable service.

OUR STORYHMEC, the parent company of Mark Hertz Company, was founded in 1987 by Mark Hertz. After extensive experience with both residential and commercial ownership and management in NYC, Mark saw an opportunity in helping owners navigate the complex processes inherent in dealing with the numerous city agencies. Mark Hertz Company was then founded in 1988 to meet that need. Familiarity with the various processes of the city agencies and the court system, as well as industry specific knowledge, was required to cost effectively eliminate the headaches that the numerous building codes in NYC caused.

OUR EXPERIENCEOur clients range from large institutional investors to single family residents; from property managers to development and construction companies. It was on the principles of excellent client service, positive & quick resolutions, and complete client confidentiality, that the Company was founded. Minimizing the hassle and expense to clients that come with dealing with violations, and achieving the best possible resolutions, was and continues to be our raison d’être, or reason for existence.