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Violation Remediation and Representation

New York City building violations are a serious matter.

Ignoring them can rack up fines and fees. Eventually, you can even lose your building.

You need someone on your side who understands how to work with the various departments in the City to get those violations lifted and the fines reduced or eliminated.

No one knows how to do that better than the Mark Hertz Company.

For over 30 years, MHC has worked for building owners to get violations removed and reducing or erasing fines.

No one knows how to deal with NYC departments better because no one has done it more.

The Mark Hertz Company will find every violation, deal with the agency responsible, and get rid of the fines – fast.

Research & Procurement
We ensure that we have every existing violation against your buildings. Sometimes, they’re hidden, and it takes a lot of work to get them into the light.
We organize your case, gather the necessary documents, and represent you at administrative hearings. You do nothing.
We’re here to advise on how to avoid re-issuance violations in the future. The worst thing that can happen to you is to fix it again and again.

Years of Experience


Violations Remediated


Penalties Litigated Successfully


Client Hours Saved

Help Wherever You Need It

Our expert team is qualified to cure your violations in all NYC venues including:

Department of Buildings

Department of Buildings issues ECB Violations, which require hearings, and DOB violations, which do not. We represent you at hearings, certify corrections, and do whatever else is necessary to resolve Stop Work and Vacate Orders – or any other issues – on your behalf.

Environmental Control Board

The Environmental Control Board is a division of the NYC Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH). ECB conducts hearings for many other city agencies. We have decades of experience working with ECB to obtain favorable resolutions for property-related violations.

Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation violations are issued at your construction site, or whenever construction or building activity affects pedestrian or vehicular traffic. As these violations fall under ECB/OATH jurisdiction, we can help you rectify them.

Fire Department

There are various actions issued by the Fire Department, including violations, violation orders, vacate orders, and in severely hazardous issues, criminal court summons. We handle all summonses and remediation of violations.

Department of Housing Preservation and Development

HPD issues violations that do not carry penalties but must be certified corrected or inspected to be dismissed. HPF also opens litigation against building owners if violations accumulate. We work with HPD to remove violations and often penalties on litigation cases can be significantly reduced.

Department of Environmental Protection

Department of Environmental Protection violations are issued for water, air and noise pollution, or for failure to have noise mitigation plans, boiler registration and water meter/supply issues. We represent clients at these hearings, conducted under the auspices of ECB/OATH

Department of Sanitation

The Department of Sanitation issues violations for unsanitary conditions on the exterior of a premise, such as loose trash, or incorrectly placed garbage or recycling. DSNY violations carry a penalty, which we can help you address and remediate.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issues violations for conditions that directly affect the safety and health of building tenants, such as pests, unsafe water conditions, or missing window guards in buildings with young children. We represent our clients for all DOH violations, all of which require hearings.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation guides and regulates the conservation, improvement, and protection of New York’s natural resources. We handle DEC litigation for Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS).
Half a million dollars in violations!

A client bought a two-family duplex in NYC and found a half-a-million dollars in fines and violations attached to the property!

That’s what we do for property owners!

For many landlords, the problem with dealing with building violations is simply that it takes a lot of time.

Navigating administrative hearings involves extensive research and information gathering, which can be time-consuming. Many landlords lack the expertise to request fine reductions from administrators.

At MHC, our team handles every aspect, from research to representation to fine reduction.

We’ve been doing this for over 30 years for New York City building owners.