Mark Hertz + BILD

Construction Permit Expediting In New York City

You can’t build or renovate any building in New York City without a permit.

Simplify the permit process with Mark Hertz Company and Bild Architecture. We streamline the submission of architectural drawings meeting DOB standards and coordinate with various departments, including the FDNY. Leveraging decades of experience in NYC, we expedite your permits more efficiently than anyone else.

We’ve been working in NYC for decades. We know how to get the permits you need faster than anyone else.

Construction Plans and Permits
Every commercial or residential construction project needs a complete set of drawings and permits. Let MH + BILD get the approvals you need with the least amount of hassle.
Zoning/Code Analysis
We have years of experience that owners and developers need to efficiently progress from analysis through the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).
Certificate of Occupancy
Change of use? Never obtained an NB sign-off? Don’t let bureaucracy cause expensive delays in construction projects. We’ll expedite your Certificate of Occupancy.

Years of Experience


Violations Remediated


Penalties Litigated Successfully


Client Hours Saved

They were denied over and over again!

One of our most satisfied clients had been trying for a couple of years to get permits for a project. They tried on their own and their architect had tried. They were denied the permits.

They employed three other permit expediting companies! Those companies took their money, but didn’t get the permits.

As a last ditch effort, they came to MH+Bild. We took the project on, created a whole new set of drawings, and had the permits in less than 90 days.

Work with a team that has spent decades working with the NYC Department of Buildings, FDNY, and all the other departments that can prevent you from getting the building permits you need.

That’s what we do for property owners!

Permit expediting requires more than just an understanding of how to create architectural drawings.

If you don’t speak the “language” of the department, you can spend months or even years trying to get permits.

Mark Hertz Company has spent decades learning the inner workings of NYC agencies, making us a force to be reckoned with.

BILD NY Architecture has been expertly designing NYC buildings for years.

Together, we know exactly what needs to be included to ensure that the City is satisfied and willing to issue your building permits.