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About Us

At Mark Hertz Company our goal is to provide and execute for our clients the most cost and time effective solution for the removal of their violations. We treasure our relationship with our clients, and we strive to develop in them a level of trust and comfort that they are in the best hands.

Mark Hertz Company is all about client satisfaction. As NYC building owners and managers, our clients are subject to endless scrutiny by NYC government agencies. They find themselves under a constant barrage of violations and fines served on their properties. Many violations issued, if not properly attended to, may result in exponentially increasing fines. Often, time consuming efforts such as attending a hearing, or delivering documents to government agencies, are required. Many fines can potentially be dismissed or mitigated, but only if specific conditions are met, and certain procedures are followed perfectly. False moves, missed deadlines, and sub-excellent understanding of rules and regulation can prove to be extremely costly.

We at MHC act as a vehicle which navigates our clients through the process of violations removal. With a keen understanding of legal codes, attention to details, and excellent customer relations skills, our team of experts expedite the violations removal process. We ensure that paperwork is properly procured and filed, and that deadlines are met. We also attend hearings on behalf of our clients, and deliver necessary documents to their proper destination.

If you need an expert to guide your though the bureaucracy of NYC agency violations, judgements, and penalty settlements, then we are the team for you. Contact us today.