Mark Hertz Associates

Local Law Compliance and Minor Permit Facilitation

Coordination to get you into compliance

If compliance with a local law or a violation is necessary we will coordinate with our licensed professionals to ensure compliance is done right, with no hassle, at a fair price. The team at MHA can handle any light repair  work that needs to be done to satisfy the violation or filing.

  • We obtain the permits through licensed professionals.
  • We’ll work together to get the job done.
  • We see it through to the end with the relevant department.
If you want to comply with the myriad of local laws and regulations, let MHA handle it.
Local Law Compliance
We’ll help you navigate various NYC Local Laws ensuring compliance filing is handled by the right licensed professional.
Plumbing Work
Many violations concern plumbing that is faulty, out-of-date, or inadequate. Our team includes licensed plumbers to do the work for you.
Electrical Work
Many, if not most, violations involve electrical work. We have the licensed electricians on staff to handle repairs and get those violations lifted.

Years of Experience


Violations Remediated


Penalties Litigated Successfully


Client Hours Saved

The MHA Advantage
We provide the following services using licensed professionals
Everything fixed in under 60 days!

We received a call from a landlord who’d received several violations on the building’s electrical and plumbing systems. While none of the projects was too massive, it was in nearly every one of three dozen apartments and in the common areas.

He was a little panicked because getting all the permits he’d need was going to take a long time. And the longer it took, the more the penalties racked up.


MHA handled it. We worked with licensed professionals and had all the permits we needed in two weeks. It took the next two weeks to make repairs. We even arranged with tenants to do the work.


Less than 60 days later, the building was repaired, the violations remedied, and the landlord was back to good with the City.


That’s what we do for property owners!

In New York City it only takes a few minutes to find cases where the fines for something simple were massive.

For many building owners, the problem is that they have to get permits, find a qualified contractor, and finally get the work done. All of this takes time and the longer it takes, the more the fines rack up.

That’s what makes MHA so different.

We do it all. One phone call, and we mobilize a team to get the permits, do the work, and submit the necessary filings.