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Get Ahead on Your Lead

Lead testing provides you and your tenants with the peace of mind you deserve.

Ensure compliance with Local Law 31 by trusting the lead testing of every apartment to the capable team at Mark Hertz Enviro. By August 9, 2025, non-owner occupied dwelling units in NYC must undergo lead testing, excluding those occupied by the owner’s immediate family.

Our experts conduct thorough testing for each unit, providing you with a clear and detailed report. Renovation might not be necessary; our team identifies cost-effective solutions to bring your units up to code. We handle direct communication with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) to promptly address violations.

Experience the convenience of our portal, where you can efficiently organize your paperwork as we guide you through the proper procedures for lead removal. Count on Mark Hertz Enviro for compliance with NYC’s laws and building codes, offering peace of mind and organized solutions.

Lead Detection and Abatement
The MHE team utilizes advanced XRF guns and paint chip technology to deliver the industry’s most precise reports. Our professional lead abatement team can ensure protection for your tenants from lead hazards.
Mold Assessment and Remediation
Our professionals will evaluate and address mold conditions to meet the requirements in accordance with HPD and DOHMH regulations. Breathe easy with MHE on the case.
Report Recordkeeping
Our state-of-the-art portal organizes and stores all your meticulously prepared Lead and Mold reports, making them accessible to you at any time.

Years of Experience


Violations Remediated


Penalties Litigated Successfully


Client Hours Saved

A Positive Result on Multiple Levels!

Every building is required to submit an XRF report to demonstrate the absence of hazardous lead on the property. In one instance, our client experienced an XRF trigger on a wall that was actually free of lead contamination.

Through our comprehensive assessment process, which involves reviewing leases, construction dates, and other variables, the MHE team successfully obtained a Certificate of Occupancy issued after 1960. This conclusive evidence verified that our client’s apartments were free from lead contamination.

In addition, our close collaboration with the lead office allowed us to implement a unique lead detection method using paint chips in collaboration with XRF testing to contest violations. This innovative approach has proven effective in eliminating violations.

Mark Hertz Enviro understands how to work with the City and use all the tools available to us to protect your assets.

Every year, landlords pay fines or spend a lot of time dealing with bureaucrats trying to get lead mitigation handled.

Successfully navigating the city’s fines and citations requires credibility, expertise, and an understanding of city inspectors’ priorities. Without this, cooperation can be challenging, given the legal framework they operate within.

Mark Hertz Enviro brings decades of experience in effectively addressing fines, citations, and building issues with various city departments. From lead testing to mitigation, documentation, and fine reduction, our team manages every aspect.

When dealing with the City, trust the expertise of Mark Hertz Enviro, your most powerful advocates.