A/B Testing

A way of determining which of two designs performs better based on user response. This technique can be applied to webpages, email campaigns, and more.

Above the Fold

This term refers to everything the user sees upon viewing a website in their browser prior to scrolling further down the page.


This refers to how easily users can access web page content. For example, if someone is hearing impaired and the web page requires sound to understand the meaning then that…


This is a link from other websites that point to a specific page on your website. nnBacklinks are important for SEO but only if done properly. There are spam and…

Banner Blindness

When a user is presented with too many images and CTAs in a rotating carousel and ultimately decide not to pursue any of the options provided.

Barrier to Entry

A factor that prevents a user or group from entering a specific market or industry because of economic, technological, or regulatory reasoning.